Anna's Life

Anna's life will be shown here. You will be able to get into her shoes reading honest stories from her diary. She will share what she's been through and what brought her to America from Russia. She'll tell you her side about me. You will find here stories about crazy adventures, travelling, relationship, addiction and recovery. And she will show you on her own example how much more productive and positive people can be when they get sober. You'll be able to see and buy her art work and custom-design clothes (which was the direct result of her getting sober) on this site.

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Medical Marijuana

All about the world of marijuana-how to grow, cook, smoke, eat, sell (and get busted), and pros and cons of both the drug itself and the Medical Marijuana Program in Rhode Island. I have one of the highest authorities on the plant. He is a genius in ALL areas. Every question answered on this site- We will NEVER tell you "sorry, we don't know"-There is going to be a visual wonderland of pictures and vid's showing you the "Best shit on EARTH, NO QUESTIONS ASKED" if you didn't know before, you will now!

My Auto Biography

This will be an online autobiography. You will read, see, watch, and hear my entire life. All of the media, news stories, TV shows, my successes, the women (all of them I can remember), and my highly dysfunctional extended family. I am letting it all out, BEWARE, IF YOU'RE WORRIED ABOUT SOMETHING THAT I MAY WRITE OR SHOW, YOU SHOULD BE. I HAVE A LOT OF EVIL MONSTERS IN MY PAST AND ALL WILL COME CLEAN HERE. I CAN'T F---KING WAIT. I WILL NOT HURT ANYONE THAT HASN'T HURT ME, BUT PLEASE REMEMBER, IF YOU WERE IN MY LIFE (FOR HOWEVER LONG) I HAVE A RIGHT TO WRITE ABOUT IT. IT'S MY TRUE STORY. THANKS.


This will probably be one of the most helpful and useful links. It is for the addict by the addict. How to EVERYTHING. How to truly know if your son, wife, friend is on drugs. This section also will have many experts on addiction and how to be free from it. There will be endless videos on the serious side-effects of all hard drugs. How Doctors are getting filthy rich directly off of peoples pain and suffering. Full exposure on the Pain Management Clinics in Florida and what " is really going on down there " I have personally suffered w opiate addiction for the last 3.5 years. I am clean now. It has been the most painful, dreaded, lonely, depressing period of my life. The rest of my life is dedicated to helping as many people as possible to get SOBER!  I've lost my 3 best friends to overdose and should be dead myself. My purpose is clear, as you will see at, it's all about being GOOD and HELPING THOSE IN NEED-PERIOD!

Positive News Network TV.TV is going to revolutionize what NEWS is. We will air an Internet newscast 1x a week with NOTHING besides positive news-people doing good things for the sole benefit of others. We will highlight certain people and organizations that are out there trying to make a difference in the world we live in. You will NOT see or hear of murder, rape, arson, corruption, death or anything else that is glorified negativity and FEAR. We are "THE POSITIVE NEWS NETWORK TV.TV "

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This site is going to be a whole new spin on PORN. Nothing that is disrespectful to women will ever be on this site. It is geared for the women out there that are tired of most of the garbage out there today that just humiliates, disrespects, and violates women. There of course are going to be experts here too. What makes you great at something? Do it a lot. All of the actors/actresses will be sober. There are NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL involved w ANY of our movies. We have the hottest, sexiest, Eastern European young ladies that you can find ANYWHERE ON THE NET! Coming Soon. EVERYONE, that knows Pat Baker, knows that beautiful women have been in and around my world (and I won't say how many, till the book's done) There will be visual guides on how to. Everything that a man needs to know to pick-up a woman (and vice-versa), and yes, I am a definite expert in that field. There are SO MANY guys out there that just don't have a clue--It will also be a reference guide on where and how to find whatever you need sexually---you just have to know where to look. ** to my numerous ex-girlfriends, fiancées, wives, and all of the others that have WILLFULLY allowed themselves to be filmed and photographed in sexual positions w me, I will NEVER use any of those videos or pictures on this site. Any info or pictures that I will show will only be in my autobiography, though there are a few that I'd love to share!!! STOP SWEATING


Coming soon...

Where to eat, stay, chill (And where not to)

This site will be an ever growing reference and somewhere to let everyone know what's good and what's not. My years of vacationing and visiting certain areas have given me a wealth of options on great places to do business with in Connecticut, Rhode Island, NYC, Long Island, South Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Boston, and of course, Newport, RI. There arises the need now and then to let others know when we have gotten screwed--- by a business, corporation, or some other way to warn others so the same doesn't happen to them--plain and simple!


A look at all of the available ways to get clean and sober. There will be an Internet radio program LIVE weekly discussing all that's going on in people's lives while living or trying to live sober ( it will be on Blog Talk Radio, the show will still be called "THE BAKED BEANS SHOW" ). There will be experts in the field of recovery available for any questions people have. How and where to start your process of getting sober. There is NO opinion, one way or the other, on what YOU should do to get sober. Everyone must find their own path. This site will help people understand what all paths are. YOU MUST CHOOSE YOUR OWN. There is going to be hardcore VIDEO,PICTURES, and STORIES from real addicts and alcoholics showing ALL sides of the disease. The sole purpose of this site is to HELP anyone in need.

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