A short and sweet, very true story?

My name is Pat Baker and what you are about to read (presuming you will) are the facts and the entire truth about what happened to me, and my best friend, from the mid 90’s to around the year 2002 (and the pain and suffering continue to this day). I didn’t sugar coat anything and I wouldn’t allow much change to the factual events that occurred, when my story is made into a documentary (WHICH IS MY PREFERENCE FIRST, AS ALL AMERICANS NEED TO KNOW ALL THE FACTS) OR A MOVIE FOR NETWORK TV, CABLE TV, AND CERTAINLY ONE HELL OF A GOOD READ. My story/situation has been on every form of news media (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, radio shows and the net). My true story made millions and millions of dollars for many executives,producers and shareholders of the news media, talk and radio shows, and every other possible way of selling a story, and selling advertising during its telling and reporting on it. For those who were effected the most by this travesty, Ralph and I, we have received very little money, and even less redemption. It changed us forever, in many ways for the worse, especially for poor Ralphie who is in prison today, was last year, and will be next year. All for addiction related crimes. His addiction spiraled into the black hole he is in now and I don’t see him ever recovering from it. I have fought tooth and nail for my life these past 12 years w addiction and I have also had massive success in recovery. My lives story entails so much more than this awful mess and after reading this you will hopefully understand who Pat Baker is, and WHY Pat Baker is, Pat Baker.

I was approached first by the Sally Jesse Rapheal Show ( after numerous front page stories )and asked if we would tell our story on their show during sweeps week. I laid out a few conditions for our appearance (well maybe more than a few, as at this point I began to see the interest, and value, in my story) -then The Maury Povich Show, a radio interview with Howard Stern, a feature story in Penthouse Magazine in Aug 98. I did numerous radio interviews. We were paid a few thousand dollars each. I did request that they provided the website name at the bottom of the screen,, while our segment was on air. I used this valuable advertising opportunity to promote the sale of the video. Everything that I have written here is all FACT. NOT opinion, but undeniable,
indisputable fact.

I have America’s ONLY undercover police officer having sex on VIDEO as part of, and during a very intensive investigation of me for allegedly bringing up large amounts of pot from Florida and then selling it through my new business, The ELECTRIC BEACH TANNING SALON. She was a handicapped schoolteacher, so she said, but the truth was that she was a married undercover Hamden Police officer. I’m ready to tell 100% of the story FINALLY because America needs to know that it is now FEDERAL LAW, the Law of the Land, as the dishonorable David Kenyon,the U.S. Federal Judge who was presiding over my case had ruled. In 1998 in Bridgeport Federal court, Kenyon made a directed verdict after not allowing the jury to rule and ruled himself that “sexual interaction does not exceed the boundary of law enforcement tactics”. He also ruled that my best friend Ralph “wasn’t physically or psychologically coerced into a sexual relationship with the undercover officer “. Was it just a mere coincidence that she was so stunningly beautiful and a much older woman than Ralph, who was just barely a man at his age then? His ruling condoned state-sponsored prostitution with benefits and a pension plan and sent shockwaves in the court room, the media, and across our country. Shocked because his ruling was also precedent law, allowing now and forever that if someone is “suspected” of doing something illegal (anything illegal), the police and their powers can use lust and sex to blind anyone they choose, even if the person is never charged with a crime, and even if the police officer is married, i.e.; if someone says( true or not ) that your son (lets say 18 y/o ) is selling pot, the police now have the authority to have a drop dead gorgeous 30-40 year old, married, female UNDERCOVER police officer, pick him up— start dating him, then fucking him, telling him that she loved him— wanted him to move in with her——ALL JUST TO GET INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR SON, or they can do this to one of his best friends, male or female. IT IS 100% legal now. If this paragraph doesn’t make you say “wait a minute, WTF does that law say? The cops did what, and they can now do that to my son or daughter? You HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. NO THERE IS NO GOD DAMN JOKE ABOUT ANYTHING IN MY STORY. IT IS AS SERIOUS AS CANCER, AND EVEN MORE DAMAGING TO THE HEART, SOUL, AND MIND of THE YOUNG BOYS AND GIRLS THAT HAVE BEEN/ WILL BE SO SEVERELY NEGATIVELY AFFECTED FOR LIFE BY THIS ASININE JUDGES RULING. I have no reason to lie, no more or less to gain, as to everything that I have written in this story is 100% fact. Most of the facts can be readily found on the internet. Court records are available, police records (many, coincidently lost), and the hundreds of stories in all the newspapers and on all of the radio and talk shows. I’ve struggled with addiction most of my life and I haven’t been able to do this until now, KNOWING DAMN WELL THAT BECAUSE SOME OF WHAT I’M SAYING HERE WILL SERIOUSLY EFFECT HOW SOME OF THE KEY PLAYERS ARE GOING TO LOOK, AND MY FREEDOM AND MY LIFE WILL DEFINITELY BE IN JEOPARDY, ONCE AGAIN. Some things in life are bigger than the individual that must suffer to bring about the needed change. This is one hell of a tale and once made into a documentary ,movie, and/or book will differ very little if at all from the facts of the story that I wrote here. I will be meeting with an up and coming director next week and his boss (whom we all know well) as he is very interested in my story, my life story.
This story/case is just one of the many facets of the life that I have lived. I never chose this path, but once I have ever been presented with either giving up to evil and corruption, or fighting till death, I have always fought with everything I had, against some of the more powerful forces that exist in our society today. THIS ATTRIBUTE SURLY CAME FROM A TORTUROUS, SEXUALLY ABUSIVE CHILDHOOD. Knowing that if I lost I would be paying with my freedom and my life. There is never anything more threatening or fearful than being in the crosshairs of an entire police department, city to city, no matter where you go. Once this case started, and UNTIL THIS VERY MOMENT, I dealt with more police harassment than a thousand men should have to endure and had to move more than 15 times until I was forced to make a decision, stay and face very severe false prosecution for something that I would have had nothing to do with, or leave the state and start fresh. I moved to Rhode Island in 2002. This is a story, a true story that would be very sad to pass on to your grandchildren as I will hopefully not have to do someday, but probably will. I have selflessly helped so many people before this story and to this day with two nonprofit organizations that I founded and directed, MY LIVES SOLE MISSION. I have always helped the needy Senior Citizens and children of the areas where I have lived my entire life. Helping others has ALWAYS been at the core of who Pat Baker is and has always been the only thing that I have ever done which brought me true happiness. That record, too, is also well documented in the media. There are certain elements out there that would lead you to believe that I am a Mafia style killer or drug Lord. Fortunately or unfortunately, I was never very lucky at selling drugs, as my small criminal record will show. But that’s it. It was pot that was 20 years ago. I have never been arrested for assault or larceny or any vicious or malicious crime. My only belief is in helping out those that are in need the most and trying to make the world a little better place for those to come. Enjoy the story!

How my story/documentary all started.-July 16, 1989- I was at a small bar in Stratford Ct, called Mr. P’s. It was a little shit ass local bar that I didn’t go to often, as there were never many good looking girls there .Chris (best friend, killed by the Ct. State Police, at their headquarters8/2003) and I were going to wildwood in the morning and we just wanted to get drunk that night, and we did. So I met Mary Dauscher (my son’s lovely mother) at about 1:45 am (the bar closed at 2). I was half blind and drunker than drunk could be. All I remember was going to the boat landing dock at the end of my street and sleeping w her in the car.—that was it, 10 minutes later it was done , I dropped her off at her car, we didn’t exchange #’s or anything and we just left.- that November I was arrested for a second time for selling more than a pound of weed to an undercover officer(bad luck). Since I got off the year before (1988) with only a 5 year probation sentence for selling an undercover officer that I lived with a LOT of weed(Hamden undercover police officer, Sgt. Steven Cahill), I knew i was in trouble, big trouble. So when I went before the Judge again, for this 2nd serious felony, in 2 years, I was sentenced to 7 years in prison, suspended, w 5 years to serve and 5 years of probation. When the gavel went down my life changed and I was on my way to the Maximum security hell, Somers, in northern Ct. I ended up doing a total of around 8 months in 3 different prisons. During my very first furlough for a weekend out of prison, I went to (obviously wasn’t supposed to) Mr. P’s for a few drinks and maybe looking for some cheap love. I hadn’t been laid in 6 months. My son’s mother approached me with a picture in hand and said do you know who this is, and I said I don’t know who you are. She said it was my son Justin in the picture. For a second, I thought she was bullshitting me, but then I realized she wasn’t and I had her take me to see my son right then and there. I loved children so much and I was so excited, even though Mary wasn’t at all attractive and I wanted NOTHING to do w her. This was my boy and I was going to be a great Dad, just like my dad was/ is. So I began seeing him and then it was everyday within weeks. Mary and I didn’t kiss ever again or fool around or never hinted of a family, nothing, EVER. Then a few months later at Xmas, I was at my parents home with the girl I was dating at the time and Mary came over with Justin for his Xmas gifts and when Mary saw me with the other woman, she flipped out, left my moms home in tears and said that I would never see him again. Which from that day (well I went there the next day and was arrested for trespassing, imagine I was there all the time since I was released from custody in Aug 1990, but also saw him every weekend on my furloughs). From December, 1990 (he was about 6 months old), I didn’t hold my son again , until August 18, 1995). I would drive by his home with the hopes of seeing him play in the yard, or sometimes I followed his grandma to the mall to get a look at my son, as she would let me quickly say hello to him. She felt terrible with what Mary had done to me. I was sick. I was physically sick and emotionally depressed. I loved my boy, I saw him practically everyday for a while there and then nothing. Ironically the first heavy side effect of what Mary did to me happened within 6 weeks of me being told by her powerful attorney that” I would never see that boy again, just forget about him” At. Robert Frankel said. I broke out w Psoriasis all over my entire body— was in Yale University hospital, covered in an inch of black tar Vaseline nose to toes, slept , walked and did everything in that shit. 24 hrs a day, I was at my first wits end and contemplated suicide then, it was so bad on my skin and the meds weren’t working on top of being super destructive to my long term health. After 32 days in inpatient it went away a little, and then a little more.How and why did I get this terrible disease as it wasnt in my family at all? The Doctors said it was extreme emotional stress (like the kind you’d feel having your child taken away from you for no good reason). That started 4 years in court trying to just get legal visitation rights to see my beautiful son. She worked for a prominent prick lawyer, highly connected to the Governor at he time (and God did it show) who made it a point to go out of his way and let me know what I would never ever see my boy again. I told him to go fuck himself and if he continued to deny me my legal right to see my son, it would come back to him 100x worse. So I’d go to court and he would have it cancelled or continued for 3 months, 6 months, 2 months, 4 months, etc., every damn time I went to court. I was starting to feel truly defeated. I had the DNA confirming me as his dad in 2003, yet it still took another 2 1/2 years to get rights, and when I won, not only did I win but it was such a fucked up case that the press was following it and made it a front page story that Friday August 18, 1995,( in the Conn. Post). It was made crystal clear to Mary a few months prior, that in a few months I was definitely getting my visitation rights (and she knew it). So Mary concocted one last evil plan. It was the ultimate and final effort to keep me from Justin. She called the Stratford police as an informant and told them that I was bringing drugs up from Florida (she was named in police reports as the informant) and selling them out of my tanning salon. And Stratford called Hamden PD, and guess who was running the drug unit then? Yes, my old room mate Steven Cahill, the cocaine sniffing crooked officer, that I lived with 2 years prior,that had arrested me for selling him a massive amount of weed while living with me undercover. About 6 months before this period, I received $150,000 cash for a terrible motorcycle accident I was in that left me in a cast for 2 years. So Mary told the police(100% made this shit up as a last resort effort to deny me the right to see my son) that I was bringing drugs up from Florida and selling them thru my tanning salon.) What neither of those assholes knew was about all the $ that I got from my accident. And……………..

The plot thickens………..the Hamden PD (w Steven Cahill directed and orchestrating everything) started a massive undercover operation of me, utilizing the most creative and most efficient undercover tactic he could, had his junior officer seduce my best friend Ralph, with everything she had. Boy did it work well on him. He told me he was in love with this new school teacher within a week. I was suspect from day one.

The minute Mary decided to be an informant( and not even a real informant, as all she said to them were tales and lies), everything changed in my life and in Ralph’s life forever. The minute that Officer Carol Lee Henderson put on her makeup that morning, did her hair, put on her tight little skirt—Ralph’s life went downhill and has NEVER stopped. She chewed up and spit out my best friend Ralph’s heart, his dreams, his life. When she walked into our tanning salon with the expectation of stealing a soul by selling her own just to get information about my doings (which, hilariously were just spending the settlement money as quick as possible), my life would never be the same either. She took advantage of a very young, very broken boy and seduced him rather quickly, though you would’ve heard her testify that she loved Ralph so much, yet once everything was made public she never contacted Ralph again, and he wept, and he wept, and he wept. So she came to the tanning salon every day to meet Ralph and tan and then leave with him and had sex somewhere, usually at his home in Stratford, where he lived with his mom. Ralph’s mother was either working or away most of the time that Ralph and Carol Lee would get together, though Ms. Manente did meet Cari Lee many times.

At this period I had it all, LEGALLY, I had just bought a brand-new tanning salon (called the Electric Beach, which was in a strip plaza with a great night club) , I was making thousands a week, had a brand-new BMW 535, and I still had a lot of money left from my settlement claim regarding my motorcycle accident, that left me in a cast for almost 2 years on my left wrist. It was only about a month or so after I had the salon that I remember getting that phone call, the call that changed everything. A friend of mine called me while I was in Sobe to tell me that he recognized Ralph’s new love, and that he recognized her from an investigation into an escort service ring in Waterbury ,Ct.(of course, as in my case, her beauty was critical to the investigation). The minute that I got that tip I knew in my heart that Ralph’s new girlfriend that claimed to be a school teacher for the handicapped, was nothing more than a two-faced pig and a whore. How years later a judge would rule, a Federal Judge mind you (the very Dishonorable David Kenyon) that sexual interaction is permissible use of law enforcement tactics, and that Ralph wasn’t physically or psychologically coerced into a sexual relationship, just wouldn’t be believable unless you read it yourself. I found it so incredibly ironic after seeing how beautiful she was, was that just a coincidence (her beauty), or was it just something that happened to be by chance, no it wasn’t. It was cold, calculated and executed to perfection. Stephen Cahill was out for blood this time, my blood and it was obvious from the very start. This huge 6 man, 1 woman investigation of me and on what proof? On a call from my sons insane mother? The woman that kept me from my child for almost 4 years? Was that all that Steve ever had on me? Yes that was it, that and his hate for me because he didn’t get me put in jail for his big live in investigation with me a few years before. It became immediately clear to me that Steve was fucking her too, as, he was using her as sex bait, and poor Ralph bit that bait, gave his heart, and got it flushed down the toilet like a piece of shit. The fact that he would send a woman into my tanning salon to befriend, gain the trust of, and take his heart into her hands and crumble it was nothing less than the behavior of an out-of-control, sickly pyschotic person( Cahill). Besides evil, it was definitely against the laws of a free democratic society, right? Wrong. It is something that I would’ve expected to hear happening in another country, but not here in America. Land of the Free, Land of the Just.

I told Ralph of the terrible information that I was tipped off to. He said I was nuts and that I didn’t know what the fuck I was talking about. How could I say such terrible things about the woman he had fallen so quickly and seriously in love with? I told him I had a plan to find out for sure. I told him I was setting up an undercover camera to record her next daily visit to his house, and once there, at whatever point the felt comfortable, to ask her that dreaded question, ask her if she was a cop. The next day I had the camera in place and my reverse investigation was in operation.

So came the day that Cari Lee came to Ralph’s house for the last time. And when Ralph was done having sex with her and asked her “are you a cop ?”, and she replied “yes I am, I’m married, and I’m just doing what I was told to do, I’m sorry Ralph”. She tore all Ralph’s dreams and hopes of a future with her right out of his heart. He yelled and screamed how could you do this to me and then he told to leave, and he called me to tell me what I already knew, that his handicapped schoolteacher girlfriend was nothing more than an escort with the authority of a police officer. I went to Ralph’s house that late afternoon and I consoled him and I told him right then and there that I would not let this go unpunished. That she and Steve would certainly pay a hefty price for this disgusting and ridiculously overzealous effort to try to have me arrested for doing nothing more than spending my lawsuit money. Things at this point began to unravel very fast. Within 24 hours, I contacted Stephen Cahill directly who was still actively controlling a very botched investigation of me. He sounded so confused to hear my voice calling him to want to meet with him. He really had no fucking idea what I had captured on videotape. I told him I would meet him at Chicks in West Haven, a place very open to the public as I was very scared at this point to be anywhere private with a man capable of this heinous act. And once we were at Chicks and I told Steve the details of his investigation, many of which Carol Lee had told Ralph during her confession , I knew he would turn on her, and he did. Steve turned on her, they all turned on her. Suddenly she became the scapegoat and was doing this all on her own. It was clear to most people that Stephen Cahill had a massive hard-on to put me away for a long time and that he was still very frustrated with the fact that all that I received was probation sentence for his first investigation of me, a few years prior.

So that afternoon at Chicks, I saw fear and anguish in Steve’s eyes for the first time, and boy did it FEEL FUCKING GREAT TO SEE HIS ASS SQUIRMING. He didn’t believe that I had Cari Lee on videotape having sex with Ralph and he asked me if he could come and see the tape himself. I had no reason not to show him, actually it was kind of ironic that he came to my parent’s house to watch the tape with the chief of police at that time, in the same house that he had dinner with, and met my parents a few years prior( as my good friend) If that wasn’t the clearest example of karma, I don’t know what would be. So I had to quickly do a little work, I had made a couple of copies of this video and I also set up recording device in my parents home because I had no idea what to expect when they came. And they arrived on time, late afternoon, to watch this videotape; here in my living room the Sgt. of the Street crime unit and the Chief of the Hamden police department were making jokes about Ralph’s staying power while having sex with his supposedly loving girlfriend. And then came the good news, he told me that he knew her husband well and that he dealt in guns and was a crazy son of a bitch and would surely seek revenge on both Ralph and myself which I found kind of ironic at that moment, knowing that if my girlfriend or wife had committed such behavior, I surely would’ve dealt with the liar first, his disloyal, cheating, lying, wife. The woman that led two completely different lives everyday. How did she make love to Ralph everyday between 4 p.m. And 6 p.m., and then go home to have sex with her husband at night. There is no dignity, no honor, no trust or loyalty in such behavior. It is sad, but truly pitiful that this was the behavior of a 7 year veteran undercover police officer. Yet the saddest fact of all, was that Judge Kenyon ruled that this behavior was 100% legal and within the bounds of police authority.

So over the next week or so I had so many damn detectives and high brass coming into my tanning salon and try to get Ralph and I to sign a statement saying this and saying that, that I told them the go fuck themselves, get the fuck out, and don’t ever come back. I can see how they were trying to clean up their mess which at this point was getting really sticky for them. And then Ralph got that phone call, it was her husband, and he straightforward threatened to kill Ralph. He said that he would come and find him. When Ralph called me with this information I knew that we had a serious problem on our hands and I didn’t really know how to deal with it. The first thing I did was place a shotgun behind the desk at the tanning salon but I didn’t have any idea what Cari Lee’s husband looked like and I didn’t see much good in doing this unless we were just to sit in a chair with the gun in hand waiting for a stranger coming in firing. It was at this point that I sought legal help first from a very respected civil rights lawyer John Williams of New Haven, but then we switched to the personal-injury lawyer I had at the time. He had talked me into using him as he said it was a slam-dunk case and that he would take much less of a fee (20%) for representing us. So it sounded much better than the 40% that John Williams was charging ( my biggest mistake of the entire case, and my life). I was so confident with Howard Lawerence and with his assistant lawyer Larry Dressler that they would win this case for us, how could they lose? Shortly after this I saw no alternative then selling the tanning salon at an extreme loss. All that I had invested in all of my time, my money, my dreams and efforts went down the tubes rather quickly, but as my lawyer said don’t worry you will be millionaires when we go to trial and we believed them.

So over the next few months Ralph and I dealt with paranoia that was unshakable. Her husband was parked in front of Ralph’s house one night and called to let us know that he was going to get us very soon. I remember crawling up to the attic with Rolf and him calling 911 tell them what was going on. But of course we were in Stratford where we were from and where the original informant had given this tale to the Stratford police who then forwarded it to the Hamden Police Department in the hands of Stephen Cahill. The only thing that we received from the Stratford police department was more harassment, more pullovers, and so much more BS. I was given so many tickets after this and every time I went to court they were dismissed because the prosecutors knew it was harassment. I had my first nonprofit organization during this period, the Helping Hand Foundation. I remember when Ralph and I were living in Milford and I was having my first huge charity dinner for the seniors that lived in the area, hours before this beautiful function was about to happen,(having taken 2 months to put together and a lot of advertising) the Milford police raided our home 2 hours before I was to have this function. They tried their propaganda to discredit my free luncheon and entertainment I had all planned for them. They arrested Ralph and I on various drug charges after stealing our garbage for a few weeks and finding pot seeds and stems and empty rolling paper packets, which got a friendly Judge to sign a BS warrant. Yeah they tried real hard to make us look like big drug dealers, they tried taking away my rights to see my son, but at the end of it I wasn’t charged with anything and Ralph had to take probation or go to trial against the Milford police. And you already know how that would’ve ended. It was a huge thing in the newspaper and for what? An ounce of weed? Oh My GOD! Do you believe it, they finally got the big load, fucking assholes. I lived with Ralph for the first few years after this event as he was very weak at this time and we were best friends and I knew that once we went to trial everything would be made right, but he was incredibly unstable, he was in therapy for years, on all different kinds of meds. His head was fucked permanently by Cari Lee Henderson. Thanks for killing my friend, you rotten evil bitch.

So we fast-forward to Thursday, September 26, 1996 and the Connecticut Post front-page main story headline reads “Police Sex Case thrown out :Federal Judge finds no evidence to support rights charges”. The jury wasn’t allowed to rule and the Judge made a directed verdict for the defendant’s and in his ruling the judge noted the plaintiffs were not convicted or even indicted based on any of the information gathered by the defendants. They were not subjected to a trial as a result of the investigative tactics Kenyon said. The Judge also noted “Manente was not physically or psychologically coerced into a sexual relationship” besides said Kenyan “sexual interaction does not exceed the boundary of law enforcement tactics”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from a Federal Judge, but then again I knew I could. Because the day before when I was testifying in front of a court room of press and the media and lawyers from all over, and I was sitting side-byside with Judge Kenyan, I was in utter amazement that the Judge was playing solitaire on his laptop computer just a few feet to my right. I couldn’t believe that the only job that this Judge had was to pay attention to the facts and make a just ruling. Here he was playing cards on his laptop computer. I remember getting off the stand and telling my lawyer Howard Lawrence, that the Judge was playing cards on his computer and he told me “Pat he’s a federal judge if he wants to jerk off back there is nothing you or I can do”. This would be the second to last time I would look at Howard Lawrence’s overly confused and disgustingly overweight face and body in complete disgust. I just shook my head, as he really was just completely clueless. In his feeble attempt to bring this case before the Supreme Court I was later told by the attorney from the American Civil Liberties Union that represented me, Dr., Prof. and Attorney Margulies, Dean of Law at Quinnipiac and chair of the Connecticut Civil Liberties Union, that Howard Lawerence fucked up my case so bad (not his exact language) that appeal was impossible as he put it” he was trying to put square pegs in round holes” and the Supreme Court quickly denied his request for appeal. My case was now done and over forever.

I remember going to Howard’s office telling them how disgusted I was with him that I should’ve known all along it was only about the money with him, as I was actually on his payroll for every personal injury case that I brought to him he paid me 10% of his fee that he received and with the amount of referrals that I was doing for him during this time it turned out to be quite a large amount of money ( I think it was a bit illegal on his part) that I made for doing very little work. Well the cats out of the bag now, Howard you disgusting money whore, you had no idea what the fuck you were doing from day one and that you had ruined the chance at redemption for Ralph and I. I never spoke to his incompetently, sorry excuse for a lawyer, ever again.

Two days after the trial and probably being as upset and angry as I’ve ever been in my life to that point, I launched the website, ,and I started selling America’s only cop ever caught on videotape having sex during investigation. And then it was lights camera action. All the newspapers had been writing about this for some time and I remember getting the first call from the Sally Jesse Raphael show wanting us to come on the show and tell our story. A flash of genius came over me and I realized that I could use this show and any other opportunities with the media to promote the sale of our videotape, and that’s exactly what I did. Ralph and I set up a corporation called Copflix, LLC. And we started selling the tape over the Internet. I made one of the primary conditions of us appearing on the Sally Jesse Raphael show that they run a banner ad across the bottom of the screen, during our segment to let people know where they could buy a copy of this video. A copy of a married police officer having sex with my best friend for over almost 2 months, chewing him up and then spitting him out. There was never a police officer caught on video having sex during any investigation to this point (or since) and this was a very hot subject in the media(all forms). I know now that most people that appear on talk shows don’t get paid a dollar or just a few hundred dollars if the show was decent. I knew I was in position to levy some conditions so I did. I got us $5000 for the appearance, I got the website on our segment, I also got 2 stretch limousines for my friends and I to come to New York for that weekend and club passes for everywhere in New York City, and then a few rooms at the Plaza Hotel, all of which were furnished, thanks Sally. And I guess a little vindication started trickling in as people started ordering these tapes, many sent in cash as they wanted no proof of their ordering of the tape which was completely fine with Ralph and I. And then we went on the Maury Povich show and made similar requests which were met. I did a radio interview with the Howard Stern Show and many other radio stations at the time, I was interviewed more than 100 times for different stories and articles about what had happened. Then in summer of 1998, Penthouse contacted us and wanted to do a feature on our story. It came out in the August of 1998 issue and once again we were paid $5000 for the story and went to New York City and get photographed for the article. I have to say at this time I was kind of like a little celebrity and this case in many ways it has cultivated me into the man that I am today. I’ve always been cautious of authority, the amount of power that a police man’s testimony can hold, and what federal judges can rule, ever since this case. People either hated me or loved me, which was usually dependent upon how they felt about the police. But from when this case happened in May of 96 until the year 2000, I was harassed by every police department in every city and town that I lived in , in that short period of time. Which recollecting, I lived in more than 15 places in that period of time. Each time it got very hot and the harassment became too much to handle, so I was forced to move. I was already a marked man at this point and that’s really basically never changed as the Newport police found out six years later. But that’s another story for a different documentary. I was getting death threats in the mail and I got a call from a few friends that were police officers and they told me that she was completely in the wrong and that they sided with my actions. They told me that they were hearing that certain members of authority were going to plant a large amount of cocaine in my car one day soon and that I would never make it out of jail alive. And after seeing what the police and the judicial system were capable of, I had no alternative but to leave my family and friends and to move to Newport Rhode Island to start a new life.
Looking back, getting out of the Bridgeport area was the best thing that I ever could’ve done. Ralph and I both went down a dark road after the 15 min. of fame wore off and we both fell into the depths of addiction and alcoholism. I remember a year after the story first broke and Ralph and I and our best friends Chris Martoni and Keith Sinnot, went to Florida for vacation in South Beach at the Clevelander, a noted hotspot. When we were to talking to women, the girl’s friend that Ralph was talking to would come up to me and asked me what the hell was wrong with my friend? He keeps asking my girlfriend if she’s a cop. I mean how can you explain his situation in a few sentences, I just shook my head and knew that Ralph was really emotionally fucked. Yet he tried many different therapist and many different medications but nothing seemed to help him. I ended up getting sober in the year 2000 and I have had a hell of a ride since then. But my best friend Ralph is in prison today, has been for a year or two now, and he will be next year. He was never ever the same person that he was before Cari Lee walked into this electric beach in May of 2006. We were friends since he was 6 and I was 10. He has 4 brothers and a sister, all of whom I was very close with.

There never was any vindication, yes we sold some tapes and how many will always be in dispute, BUT, I can tell you that a shit load of people were really interested in seeing this cop having sex my friend while on duty. They paid 39.99 for and $6.99 for shipping and handling. It’s hard to say where Ralph and I would be today if Stephen Cahill never came up with his brilliantly flawed idea. Or if Cari Lee never agreed to do it.
Or if we won at trial like the jurors said we would have if the case had gone to them. Or if we were heard at appeal, and WON. But none of these things ever happened. Life was never that fun or easy ever again. As life would have it I would continue on in my life to this very day fighting police corruption. I initiated and led the first and only rally against the Newport police departments’ corruption in 2006. That led to the removal of the chief at that time, Golden, and another incredibly black eye for a completely different Police Department. It was covered by all the newspapers and by Fox news and ABC news( Oct. 6, 2006 ) Coincidence, not. I did forget to add one key notation which was the fact that I didn’t take my lawyers advice that the Judge, the judge that through our case out ( dishonorable David Kenyon ), was immune to discipline and prosecution. I filed a complaint with the Chief Judge, I think it was Judge Hugh, and I said that I felt I received a prejudicial trial because all that the judge was supposed to do is pay attention to the facts and in fact all he did was play solitaire on his computer. The normal response time was a month to six weeks, 6 months later I received a letter from the Chief Judge’s office and what it said was probably the last thing that ever truly shocked me. What the letter from the Chief Judge said was “that during the investigation and processing of my complaint against Judge David Kenyon, that judge Kenyon had decided to resign( at a very young age for a Federal Judge, who usually grow old onthe bench) making my complaint completely MOOT, or worthless as a much more familiar word. So that piece of shit Federal Judge was allowed to resign, without scolding, without penalty, and with full pension. You have got to love our justice system and the thing that I hear most often about it that scares the shit out of me most is that “this is the best system in the world”, I beg to differ.

I had mentioned but not in detail that after appearing on many the talk shows and magazines and radio shows that Kerry Lee Henderson decided to sue Ralph and I and Copflix LLC. on three counts. Count one: invasion of privacy unreasonable publicity of a private life. Count two: appropriation of likeness. Count three: infliction of emotional distress (and I found it funny that they had put in parentheses against the defendants Patrick Baker and Ralph Manente as not to confuse anyone reading it). Could you imagine, now she wanted to sue us for her behavior as an undercover prostitute. God I got a chuckle out of that. But who didn’t get a chuckle out of that and who was following my case very closely, Dr., Prof.,& Attorney, Martin B. Margulies, Dean of Law, Quinnipiac College School of Law, and Chair to the Connecticut Civil Liberties Union. Ralph and I had no money for representation and thought that we were going to get really screwed, once again. But when I got that call from Marty, as he had me call him, and I understood who and what he really was I felt an air of confidence that we would win this case. And we did. I was the lawyer in this case, I represented myself pro-se and Dr. Margulies was an amicus. Though I did put on a great show and I got to finally get Stephen Cahill on the stand and Cari Lee on the stand and ripped them new assholes ( I have to admit, I drew great pleasure from making Steve look like the lying, piece of shit, drug addict that I knew he was, the guy that I lived with for a month), but it was Dr. Margulies’ memorandum that convinced the judge, Hon. PJ Pittman, to rule in our favor. She said” the First Amendment works the same for Copflix LLC. As it does for the New York Times”—Just reading Marty’s memorandum was so uplifting, he is one of the most brilliant men I have ever had the honor of meeting, and communicating with, for a period of time.

Someone big was in our corner and thank goodness because our lives would have been at the darkest point had we lost that case. I remember the judge saying that if the Federal Judge ruled that this type of behavior was permissible, that the public had a right to see it, to hear it, and to know what happened to us. That was one of the happiest days of my life. I did sign a paper on that day agreeing not to sell anymore of the tapes because even as angry as I was, I was still capable of feeling a bit of empathy for what she was going through. She too had been used by the system. She lost her job, had many marital problems, and according to her complaint suffered tremendous emotional distress, maybe 10% of what Ralph and I endured. But I clearly understood that if I carried on much longer the cops were going to put me away forever and that once in prison I was a dead man. It was a short time later I moved to Newport Rhode Island and started a new life. And I did.

After reading this if you have an interest in producing this into a documentary, a movie, and/or a book please contact me and I will be happy to discuss the further details of this true story. Every single thing I have said here is fact, 95% of the fact is in court record, and the newspapers, on the radio shows, and on the TV shows, it has everything that makes for a great show — police-sex-drug dealing (alleged) corruption, death threats, and ultimately the loss of my best friend forever. Ralph’s addiction took him to very dark places over the years since that case, and unfortunately he has spent most of this time in prison, or barely avoiding it. I don’t believe Ralph will ever be the same, I don’t believe that he’ll ever be able to love again, and I’m sure Cari Lee’s life was never the same either. I don’t know how I endured all of the torturous harassment from multiple Police Department’s and jurisdictions at that time, nor since then. It has made me a stronger person and has made me a better person. I do so much selfless volunteering for Senior citizens and needy children wherever I have lived, which has also been very well documented. My entire life has been one big roller coaster ride. I truly hope that somebody sees the necessity, the absolute necessity, to tell this story to all of the American People. Not just those that watched those sleazy talk shows, or for those who read Penthouse, or those who read the papers in the Northeast during that charade. It surely is a story worth telling as it has already made millions of dollars for so many different people and none of them have ever truly given a fuck about Ralph or me, or our feelings, or the grave injustice that occurred. I do believe vindication will come soon. I thank you in advance for your time and for your interest, as I already know from years of captivating listeners telling them the tale of what happened at the Electric Beach back in 2006.

Pat Baker-401 862 4169, I host an internet radio show on recovery 2x a week on on Saturdays (its called the Baked Beans Show) which has helped 1000’s of people get and stay sober!

I am represented by myself at this point and I am open to suggestion on how to convey this story so long as it’s 100% understood that no matter whoever produces this project that I wont allow ANY factual change in occurrences. Why would you want to change a story like this anyway, There are still many other facts left for the final cut, trust me. If you didn’t know this was all fact, what a great fiction novel it would’ve been! I also have a completely separate opportunity for you to look at, I was filmed 2 summers ago on location in Newport for a reality TV trailer. It was made with 100s of videos that I recorded over the last 10 years of my extreme success and terrible addiction. I had approached the Dean of Film at RISDI, in Providence,RI at the beginning of summer 2010 and conveyed to him what I had on film, and what could be conveyed if done right. He made the project happen, provided a top shelf camera man, and then editor( who’s final cut I was VERY disappointed with ) and did it because he actually knew of me and some of my story already. He also knew it would make for great reality TV when the right person saw its potential. The trailer was too dark in my opinion, the editor focused way too much on my addiction and very little on all of the charitable things I have done throughout my life. It is also available for your viewing on you Just type in patsrealworld and it’s the 15 minute video. It is hard for some to believe how much I have done in my life. This story and the trailer only encompass the 2nd half of my life. (25-42). The first half is also an incredible story, but a very difficult one to hear or to tell, as I suffered all of my sexual abuse(5-14) during this period and was a very lost adolescent. The only time in my life that I have had any peace or happiness has been during the last 12 years when I started on the path of sobriety and its been heaven and hell (like half and half) since the year 2000 when I finally put down the drugs and booze and have tried to live a clean life. I am willing to show and tell everyone , everything, for the sole benefit of helping others avoid the treachery and pain that my abuse and addiction brought into my life. These stories and videos are the culmination of my life’s journey, with so much of it having been so dark, and such a terrible struggle. I am sober today and will celebrate 6 months on Xmas eve. I haven’t been sober this long since 2005. All that I really have is, JUST TODAY.

Thanks again for your time and hopefully for your interest in making this incredible project a reality. Pat Baker

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